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Diffusing Crisis - Taking the Drama Out of Divorce Through Mediation

There are few situations more likely to produce tension and crisis than marital discord. Two people with diverging interests, goals, and feelings are involved in a struggle but have a complex physical and emotional history. This is fertile ground for conflict and drama. When facing this crisis couples have a choice, once they decide on divorce, to hire a lawyer or a mediator. If your high conflict divorce with open anger and conflict you may want to go the mediation techniques route because mediators are professionals at diffusing crisis.

The family counseling training that mediators and their associates go through give them the tools to be both an advocate and neutral third party who can sift through the recriminations, accusations, and hostility to find answers-- answers that ultimately achieve a fair and equitable divorce agreement. Mediation is a process of advocacy rather than adversarial confrontation. Legally litigated divorces can make couples adversaries and that simply fuels the fire in emotionally charged divorces. "He said," "She said," "He did this," "She did that," are all the wood that burns the fire of drama and crisis. An attorney does not seek resolution unless it effects the final settlement. But a mediator has an entirely different motivation-finding a sea of calm that facilitates a fair airing of the truth and bringing a "reality check" to the whole process.

In most cases, just having a third person present will calm down a confrontation and in mediation there is always that neutral third person, who by their presence alone, can bring calm to the storm. But more than just being there, a mediator listens, translates, and moderates a productive discussion that works toward equitable solutions. The value of a calm and measured discussion is greatly overlooked in the divorce process. But mediators have long known that little is accomplished in the chaos of recrimination. True equity is achieved when both parties are calm, rational, and reasonable.

Diffusing a crisis takes a lot of listening and translating. When people lash out their statements are often very distorted and it takes a trained listener to filter the anger out of fact and translate that statement to their spouse without the bitterness and confusion. Directing couples in simple relaxation and breathing techniques is also used to reduce tension and improve a couple's experience in mediation.

Attorneys who encounter highly charged divorces frequently just throw up their hands and stop returning phone calls. Sometimes they just chalk this up to the very nature of the divorce process. But mediators strongly believe that drama is not necessary in the process. They have seen and worked with many couples who entered mediation with tension, anxiety, and anger and, with the appropriate support, found relief. With therapists and life coaches available through many mediation agencies, additional support is easily available at reasonable rates. The growing use of divorce mediation speaks to participant's satisfaction with this alternative to litigated divorce. It will not only save you money but save you months of turmoil and in the end you will have a settlement that reflects both spouse's true positions.

By Brian Connor James

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Security Guard Training

Security personnel are an unique group of vital service providers and as such more people are going to school to be a private security provider. Most security guard positions in the US now requires specialist training at a special school and subsequent certification.

There are many opportunities for those considering a career in the security services and potential employers include most kinds of public premises operators, whether corporate or county, state and federal government departments. All will often go to a specialist security provider school to find suitable applicants with the right level of expertise and the correct attitude for the position. Anyone with the required attitude from age 18 to 65 can apply for training at a security officers Houston training center. Applicants will require the right mental and physical fortitude but most skills can be learned through the specialist training.

Training will often be specific to the kind of security guard a student seeks to become and would range from those relying more on a physical presence to deter crime to those with industry specific requirements for prevention and detection.

Under the Federal Security Guard Act 1992, security providers, for most situations, are required to have undergone certain training at a security guard school. To begin, they must have successfully completed a Pre-Assignment course of eight hours and received their certification. This must then be submitted with a security provider application to the Department of State.

Following submission, the security officer has 90 days in which to complete a second training course at a security guard school which includes 16 hours of on-the-job training. This on-the-job training would be arranged by the security guard school with a relevant security officers Harlingen. Often a security student would have secured their place at the security school through a specific employer. Their on-the-job training would then be with that firm and monitored by the security training provider.

On successful completion of the second training course, the security student is now fully certified and licensed. All certified private security providers are, however, required to attend an annual one-day refresher training course to remain certified to operate. This will also be attended at the original security officer school. This annual course is to update their skills and receive training in any new developments in their specific area of expertise.

Besides the above, Armed Guards must also complete 47 hours in firearm handling. This separate course, also often attended at the same guard training school, comprises 40 hours on the firing range with seven hours of theory. The required standard must be met before certification.

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Hiring House Painters - 5 More Questions to Ask

How do you choose from among the many Austin house painters when you need to have your house painted?

1) How do you clean up at the end of each day? It might be days or even weeks before your project is finished unless your house is very small. Make sure you get in writing that the work site will be organized and cleaned up at the end of each day because a clean and safe work site should be important to you.

2) Will you give a warranty, guarantee or maintenance program? The quality of work should be guaranteed by any good painter. Many painters give guarantees, but some don't so it is worth checking. Some painters will attest to warranties on various paint products and will also provide warranties on their work. Likewise, some companies will be willing to return for a certain amount of time to fix any problems that occur after the job is finished.

3) Are there any products or colors you can recommend? A high quality painter or company can offer advice, warnings, tips and ideas because they are up-to-date on all the latest products colors and techniques. Explaining the difference between various paints and stains is something else a professional painter will do.

4) Do you have references you can provide? Some references from previous projects is something any painter you are considering should be able to provide. You should call some of these references and ask them about their experience.

Below are some questions you can ask these references:

Would you hire the painter for another job?

How was the price?

Did the paint hold up?

Were the painters professional?

Was the paint job finished by the deadline?

It also makes sense to talk to people who have had similar work done. Someone who had a small trim job done isn't going to work if you need your entire home painted.

5) How much will this project cost me? While cost is important, it shouldn't be your only consideration. The Austin painter who give the lowest bid for the project often will provide low quality as well. When you ask for an estimate for your project, you may want to share your ballpark budget. Also, make sure all of your candidates are providing bids based on the same specifications as this will make it much easier to compare quotes. Size of project, the type of paint to be used and number of coats can all affect the estimates. A flexible, hourly bid can increase as the project continues so a flat rate bid is ideal.

If there is anything else you have a question about, you should also ask about it. If you ask all of the prospective house painters these questions, you will have the answers you need to choose the best Naperville house painters

By Eric Moore

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Finding the Right Dentist for Your Family

Is your dentist providing you with the best services you require? Are you having difficulty deciding who to give the responsibility of keeping you well informed about your teeth? Are your teeth in the best care they can possibly be in? These are the critical questions every patient should consider when seeking aid concerning dental care. Having an unqualified dentist can be the difference between a set of perfectly healthy teeth and a dental disaster. Here are a few tips that can serve as a guide for finding the right dentist for you, your family, and your loved ones.

1.) The word around town

The first thing you should do when looking for a Pflugerville dentist is to ask around. If you think that performing a small research on the person who will be responsible for you and your family's dental care is too 'stalk-ish', then perhaps you need to educate yourself on how important your teeth are to you. Do not be afraid to ask around about dentists you may have found or heard about. Many life situations have shown that good information about other people can be gathered from others who have also gone through the same.

2.) Do your homework

Nowadays, you can find plenty of the information you need right from your desk at home. The Internet is a good place to start when you have a few names in mind. Find out as much as you can about the backgrounds of the dentist you are about to take up. As classy as a dentist educational history may be, take care to also check how much experience your future dentist has had. Official recommendations from other institutes and even other dentists can help you decide whether the dentist is right for you and your family.

3.) What is there to know?

Now that you know who to ask about the dentists in your area, what kind of information are you looking for? Not only should your dentist be able to give you all the preventative information about your oral health, you also need to be comfortable with asking questions and sustaining a friendly relationship with the professional. You need to find a dentist that you can trust. This is far easier to achieve if your dentist is friendly and communicative. For this reason, it is crucial to book appointments and meet with the candidates. Like in any relationship, you need to know whether your dentist is someone you will be able to work with in a long run.

4.) While you're in...

Now that you are aware of the importance of making appointments with your dentist candidates, take the opportunity to perform a different kind of investigation. Just like a person's bedroom says a lot about their personality, so does a dentist's office. It is not a bad idea to look around and be attentive to your dentist cleanliness. A office that in not well-kept will not only present further health risks to you and your family, it will also tell you about your dentists work habits. A good dentist does not only practice hygiene and organization during operations but also in other areas. Negligence, just are cleanliness, is a habit.

5.) "You get what you pay for"

Although the most expensive dental clinic in the area is not necessarily the best choice for your family, it is important to understand the fundamental necessities for a good dentist. Shying away from paying a few extra notes could lead to larger cost in the future when you find that your dentist is ill-equipped for an important procedure. A dental clinic with all the facilities will not have to send you around town for various procedures. This will save lots of time and energy. That is why it is important do your research and find out exactly what a common dentist should have. Good equipment may not necessarily mean expensive. What is important is that all the equipment is in proper working order and is always clean.

6.) When trouble comes

Imagine a scenario, perhaps very early in the morning, when you need an emergency visit to your dentist, will your dentist be available? The availability of your dentist is also an aspect that deserves keen attention and thorough thought. How far is your dentist? What are the open hours? Depending on your needs, these questions may be the deciding factors for your new family dentist. If your dentist is more than a 30 minute drive away, then it is time to think about whether the drive is worth it. On another note, make sure the working hours of the dentist are suitable to your family's needs. The decisions you make now based on these questions will save you lots of trouble and pain in the future.

7.)There is a fit for everyone

The most important thing to remember when finding the right dentist is that there is no perfect dentist. The right dentist in Austin for you and your family solely depends on you, your needs, and your circumstances. You need to weigh all the aspects that have been treated earlier and find the right balance. You may not be able to afford the most expensive dentist, but you may not need to. Many dentists are qualified enough to do a good job of taking care of your family's oral health. Your first priority should be making sure you are well informed about your health and maintain a healthy communicative relationship with your dentist.

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The Many Hats of a Security Guard or Security Officer

The security guard or security officer Houston profession is so broad. The average security guard gets involved in so many things. It is imperative that they be able to switch from one function to another with little or no hassle.

The ability to cope with the different tasks has become more important since 9-11. The 9-11 events lead the nation to heighten the need for security, even by private organizations. This need for heightened security has meant more and better trained security officers. In this article, I will discuss the many hats the security officer or guard can be expected to wear.

1. The security officer can be called to wear the hat of surveillance officer. This surveillance can be preventative or investigative. In the preventive situation, the security guard or officer is expected to watch out and report a crime before it is committed. This will require the officer calling the police to make any necessary arrests or driving away the offending individual.

In the investigative situation, the guard may stakeout a location for those that hired him or her. The primary aim hear will be to gather evidence. Any evidence the guard finds will be turned over to his or her clients. The clients may even require him to testify in court if the need arises.

2. The private security guard can be called to wear the hat of a patrolman. This requires using a vehicle to go from one location to the next. The aim here is for people to constantly see security presence. As the security officer drives around, people see him and know the location is not conducive to committing a crime because they could get in trouble with the law.

3. The security officer can be called to wear the hat of a guard. In this situation, you are simply guarding property. The aim could be to prevent the property from being stolen.

It is believed that using a security officer to guard property from being stolen can lower the insurance cost of insuring such property. In some cases, the savings is more than the salary of the security guard.

4. The security officer may be called to wear the hat of emergency response personnel. As a security officer, it is important that the officer be able to handle emergency situations until the proper authorities get there.

For example, a security officer can be guarding a property that catches fire. The security officer must secure the property before the police and fire departments get there. Without this, the situation could get out of hand that leads to more damage than necessary.

Though it is important that security officers or guards not act as police officers, they play keys roles in the security industry. Anyone aspiring to be a security officer should be ready to wear many hats.

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Tips on Full House Moving

Tips on Full House Moving

By Jasmine Albert

We feel tired to make a checklist for full house moving. For that we divide the full house moving schedule into several parts. There should be some time-frame for completing all part of full house moving. You feel relaxed if the whole house moving is done in some scheduled way. It is better to hire a moving company to do the whole task for you. It is really difficult to if you want to do everything by yourself. A moving company is expert in the field of Austin movers. They'll make it simple for you. If you have any insurance company who are associated with for household assets, then inform them about you moving.

This will help you in case of any insurance claim. The electronic equipment, home appliances and furniture are very common object in you check list. The special items required extra care during moving. The items like IT equipments, antiques collection and canvas print and fine arts need extra care. Only expert moving companies understand the value during the shifting process. If you are moving to an oversea country then the restriction of that country about the item like electronic equipments, wine collection and shotguns will stop you to move the item that are prohibited in that country. Sometimes the electronic equipments required some adopter run well in other country's electrical supply.

Comparing the moving cost of a product and its present price, we can reject some items. As for example the moving cost of a desktop PC to abroad higher than it price. In that situation we can keep the hard disk for that PC for storing the valuable data. And we can donate the PC to a school or any charitable organization. This will also reduce the cost of moving. We use many equipments in you houses that are staying at our home under any rental services.

During moving don't forget to cancel those rental services and club memberships. Other wish you have to pay the bills with out using them. It is essential to inform the rental services provider about your moving. If you want to do also the packing then that costing of purchasing the packing material like packing boxes and other thing will increase the costing. Complete all the packing before moving day, so that you get some instance for relaxation and feel comfortable. You mover will help you to make the packing job simple for you.

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Healthy Cookie Recipes - Use Your Creativity

There are plenty of Healthy Cookie Recipes and most of them imply that you do not use butter, milk, eggs or sugar for preparing those cookies. However, you should use some sort of fat, sweetener and flavor instead of milk, sugar and eggs to prepare tasty and delicious cookies. For example, agave nectar can be well used as a sweetener for healthy cookies. Almond, cashew, or peanut butter can be used instead of butter for making the cookie nutritious. For flavor, vanilla, ground cinnamon or crushed anise seeds can be used.

In fact, one does not need any specific recipe for making delicious healthy cookies. You can use most of the ingredients that you have on hand. One of the simplest list of ingredients for preparing the delicious healthy cookies would be: 4 cups of nuts, 1 cup of nut butter, 1 cup organic brown rice flour, 1 tablespoon of vanilla or even almond extract, one teaspoon of cinnamon, 3/4 cups of agave nectar, 1 teaspoon of some spice and salt. Using these ingredients or some other variation of them would lead you to produce very nice and tasty healthy cookies.

The main thing with respect to Healthy Cookie Recipes is to be creative and imaginative. You can, indeed, come up with many self made recipes and variations. There are two main things which are common to all those recipes and which are worth to remember: firstly, try to use a low oven temperature all the time. Set the temperature at 300-325 degrees and let the cookies stay in the oven for about 8-10 minutes until the bottoms become brown. Secondly, as long as you do not include eggs in the cookies, you won't have to bake them completely. A slightly under-baked interior of the cookies would be perfect. This way the cookies will meet your expectations with regard to quality, healthiness, taste and appearance.

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